Getting My Eyes Lasered, Funeral Flowers, and Other May 2019 Expenses

Every month, I publish my expenses to hold myself accountable. I’m not super frugal, but I’m intentional with my dollars. Hopefully this will inspire you to improve your own spending!

Have you ever had a week where everything’s a slog, and being a functional human being is hard? Well, I had one in May.

I felt so tired. All the freaking time. I couldn’t get out of bed. I drank four cups of coffee a day. Forget the gym—I just wanted to sleep.

My restaurant budget blew up because what was cooking? I couldn’t even open the fridge. Not even for frozen chicken tenders. I went on a delivery spree—$11 for a burrito bowl, $12 for some fish. It was expensive, but I didn’t care.

I’ve had depression in the past, and this wasn’t quite that. But I was unhappy. Mostly because of work. I was sick of my job. I was sick of my coworkers. I was sick of leaving the office thinking “another wasted day.”

Thankfully, life has gone back to normal. I deleted the delivery apps, returned to the gym, started cooking again. And I’m moving forward: I’m switching jobs! (More on that in a future post.)

But May was a reminder that I’m not a robot; I’m a human with emotions. And before I take care of my finances, I must first take care of myself.

What are Money Goals?

If the above didn’t give it away, this month was rough.

Last month, I had three money goals:

  1. Reduce restaurant spending to $125.
  2. Maintain grocery spending below $200.
  3. Spend $0 on travel.

I only did #3.

Not the end of the world. All things considered, this month could’ve looked much worse. But I’d like to have a better June.

Am I Even Frugal?

The irony about publishing my expenses: I’m not even frugal! My expenses aren’t outrageous (especially for NYC), but they could be lower.

Sometimes, I read other personal finance blogs and wonder if I just eat more than other people. I’m on a diet that requires 153 g of protein a day. How do I do this for <$125 a month? Please advise.

I’m not changing my lifestyle yet. I love my apartment. I love my gym. I love trying new foods and exploring new places. But it’s also important to recognize that I already have plenty.

Here’s the Breakdown

This month, I’m separating LASIK from my normal expenses. I don’t plan on getting LASIK every month. I think it’s reasonable to consider it outside of normal spending… Let me know if you disagree.

***Affiliate links below. More about my affiliate link policy here.***

LASIK Expenses    
Item Spending Notes
LASIK 5,440.00 I can see 20/15, and everything is beautiful. Read more about my experience here.
Doxycycline and prescription eye drops 30.00 Medications are not included with LASIK. This was my out-of-pocket cost after insurance.
Lyft home from LASIK 21.13 You can’t exactly take the subway home when you can’t see…
LASIK Total: 5,491.13  
Regular Expenses    
Item Spending Notes
Rent + utilities 1,075.00 My share of rent. I live in brownstone Brooklyn with two roommates.
Restaurants 208.51 A LOT of delivery + date night with Mr. Boyfriend
Groceries 207.76 I had an incident where $30 of veggies went bad in four days… ☹ I also bought a $16 pork loin.
Gym 167.00 LOVE my gym!
Oral-B White Pro 1000 Power Rechargable Electric Toothbrush + Mouthwash 58.98 For the first time in my life, I noticed my gums turn gingivitis red. This toothbrush made my gums go back to normal. An affiliate link.
Gifts for Mom: Mother’s Day + Mom’s birthday 47.40 Many travel books.
Contribution to friend’s charity fundraiser 33.00  
CeraVe Moisturizing Cream x 2 31.98 The doctor recommended this for my dry, sensitive skin. An affiliate link.
Regular eye drops 14.99 Including this here since I probably should’ve been using this, LASIK or not. Apparently you blink 60% less when you stare at a screen?
Systane PM 12.39 Including this here since I probably should’ve been using this, LASIK or not. This helps my eyes feel less dry when I wake up in the morning. An affiliate link.
Laundry 30.25 Ended up sending this out… I’ve basically given up on the laundromat, which has 8:30pm last wash.
Flowers for a funeral 30.23 My friend’s dad passed away. Our friend group pooled our money together for a nice bouquet.
Haircut 25.00  
Dermatologist appointment 25.00 Follow-up for that rash in April. I had the one rash that derms don’t understand… Go figure.
Body wash + shampoo 23.06  
Coffee shops 22.22 Mr. Boyfriend and I LOVE our coffee dates! Also, coffee at work sucks.
1 lb of coffee beans 14.50 After I bought this, I learned that beans are half the price at Sahadi’s. Oops.
Spotify 9.99  
Regular Total: 2,037.26  
LASIK + Regular Total: 7,528.39  

How was your May?

Have you ever had an issue with emotional spending?

Seriously, how do you frugalize 153 g of protein?

[Featured photo: Daniel Clay on Unsplash]

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